Get To Know Me

People always ask Nicole Seidman if her obsession with Entertainment and Television comes from the fact that she’s a host, but the truth is Nicole Seidman IS a host because she’s obsessed with Entertainment and Television! After years of sitting on her couch shouting commentary at the TV and sharing her unwarranted opinion on Pop Culture with anyone that would listen…Nicole got off her butt, looked Andy Cohen dead in the eyes (through her TV of course), and said… “I can do this!” 

Nicole immediately did what any woman hell bent on changing the world (aka breaking into the entertainment biz) would do and started her own web-series and YouTube Channel. Whether she’s recapping the weeks best moments of Reality TV on “Keepin it Real,” updating people on the latest Bachelor franchise moments on “Rose Recap,” spewing her snarky yet informative take on Pop Culture on “#SayWhat,” or breaking-down the inside scoop on her current project… aptly named…"The Breakdown,” Nicole has consistently entertained and kept her viewers in the loop, one nip-slip at a time! Nicole’s true passion not only lies in hosting, but also in writing and producing her web-shows and that is what has drawn over 150,000 viewers to tune in. And no…that’s totally NOT counting the 50 hits she gives herself each time she posts a video!

As invigoration as her hosting life is…Nicole’s personal life is also quite intriguing. Nicole has been married to her ex NFL playing hubby (yes she’s an OG WAG) since the days when Kim K’s claim to fame was Ray J and MySpace ruled the web. The duo have 2 adorable kids together, a dog, a tortious, the biggest goldfish you’ve ever seen named Goldie Hawn, a bearded dragon, 2 and  birds (her favorite named Twitter bc he just sits there and tweets all day). She is a Pro Room Mom (bet you didn’t know that was a real thing), an active member of the PTA (no I’m not kidding), and even chairs the schools Fall Festival and Talent Show (duh!). In her spare time Nicole also does Interior Design…no she is NOT a licensed Interior Designer…YES she is currently designing two 3,000 square foot houses in the LA area #dontask #fakeittillyoumakeit! 


As you can see, Nicole is constantly on the quest to entertain people and to broaden her horizons (aka her resume) for the good of the people (aka her paycheck)!